MVC Rhodesdale-Vienna Rd and Maiden Branch
December 16, 2021

At 15:15 hrs Sta 11 and Sta 26 members were alerted for a single vehicle accident with reports of a pole cut off and car on its side. Chief 11-1 arrived on scene and confirmed report and upgraded the call to a rescue. A single occupant was trapped inside. Rescue -Engine 11-1 arrived and began stabilization of vehicle and started the extrication. Rescue-Engine 26-1 arrived and assisted with the extrication. Patient was transported by ambulance with minor injuries.

Units: Rescue-Engine 11-1,Rescue-Engine 26-1, Utility 11-1, Brush 26-1, Ambulance 26-1, Paramedic 200, Paramedic 600 Dorchester Sheriffs Office and Maryland State Police