TS Isaias
By Member Brad Murphy
August 3, 2020

From Dorchester Emergency Services.

Good Evening Dorchester: Hopefully everyone has planned and prepared for TS Isaias. There has been little change from our post yesterday.
1. Winds for our area have increased; we are now expecting 45-60 mph winds with up to 75 mph wind gusts.
2. Timing remains the same with our worst expected between 6am-4pm tomorrow
3. Rain amounts 3-6” with local heavier amounts possible
4. Surge/flooding is still being discussed but as of now is being forecasted as minor to moderate. SUBJECT TO CHANGE
5. There is a risk of tornados due to the track of the storm
6. Forecasts show this to be a fast moving storm (Let’s hope it stays fast moving)
7. Coastal Flood Warning in effect until 2am Wednesday
8. Tropical Storm Warning in effect until further notice
9. Flash Flood Watch in effect until 10pm Tuesday
10. Dangerous marine conditions are expected
11. The track of the storm brings it near or over Dorchester
Please continue to monitor your local weather stations, this page, and other local media Please make sure you have your weather plan ready, charge batteries and electronics. Dorchester is a close community. Please look out for each other and for animals. Do not hesitate to call for help if someone or an animal is in need. Stay safe, stay smart, and if you see flooding, turn around, don’t drown!


B Stiles August 04, 2020 at 9:07 AM
Thanks for the updates Brad-Nice work! We appreciate it.