2020 Shock Trama Center Gala Patient
June 26, 2020

This call is from July 28, 2018. One of our members Bridget Harding was working on a Dorchester County Paramedic Unit and was there assisting with patient care. This is an amazing story. Thanks to all the men and women who helped that day this man lived.

Below is info from Shore News Beacon about the call and units on location

I posted the below call on July 28,2018. So often I/we never hear what happens to a patient after I type aviation transporting. This time we get a very in depth understanding of what happened the days and months after.

This is what happens when the system works. Thank you to all that saved this man's life.

Keep recovering Jarmar Thomas!

Link to video about this call:


1011 Frank Adams Industrial Parkway
Federalsburg (100), Preston (200), Medics, MSP Aviation , Hurlock (6), Sussex County Technical Rescue Team, Sussex Medics, Dorchester Medics, Seaford (87)

Reported subject trapped under a steel beam.

11:31 Trooper 4 with 20 minute ETA

11:49 Extrication is complete packaging for transport to LZ
Tech Rescue and additional resources going available.

12:14 Trooper 4 with 1 to Shock Trauma